Litigation Services

Miod and Company, LLP, has developed a solid reputation for ethical Forensic Accounting services. For all legal arguments that relate to accounting issues, we deliver informed, objective, honest opinions.

Legal professionals and clients receive a straightforward perspective on the financial issues they face. Our proprietary “Asset Tracing Model” is acknowledged as a leader in the field.

Our Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting offerings include a full range of financially related investigative procedures.

Expert Witness Testimony
Mediation Consultants
Objective Business Appraisals
Marital Dissolutions
Estate Valuations
Mergers and Acquisitions
Thorough Investigative Accounting
Civil Litigation Claims
Cash Flow
Loss of Earnings
Third Party Claims
Loss of Earnings
Inventory Losses
Employee Dishonesty
Asset Tracing
Settlement Assessments
Damage Analysis
Reimbursement Claims
Post Separation Accounting
Tax Consultation
Fraud Investigations