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Litigation Services


Attending the legal affairs that arise with divorce can be trying and time-consuming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of the legal world. Add in the perplexing numbers of accounting and the high emotions of family turmoil, and you might find your head spinning. Few things are more stressful when they unite than money, family, and the law.

Fortunately, at Miod and Company, these confounding legal issues invigorate us; they are our livelihood. You see an untamable sea of documents and legal jargon; we see the perfect opportunity to create a compelling case on your behalf. We research thoroughly, report our findings fully, and counsel you with honesty and knowledge. Above all else, we do what we can to prioritize your family and their needs.

In short, litigation informs a large part of what we do. Let us show you for ourselves!

Our Areas of Expertise

At Miod and Company, we have been providing top-notch litigation services, with an emphasis on family law and related forensic accounting. Some areas in which we excel include:

  • Asset Tracing
  • Cash Flow
  • Civil Litigation Claims
  • Damage Analysis
  • DissoMaster
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Estate Valuations
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Marital Dissolutions
  • Mediation Consultations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Objective Business Appraisals
  • Post Separation Accounting
  • Reimbursement Claims
  • Settlement Assessments
  • Tax Consultation
  • Third-Party Claims
  • Thorough Investigative Accounting

What Does Family Litigation Entail?

Unfortunately, not every divorce is simple and clean. Sometimes the process involves conflict that can’t be handled by mere mediation, and litigation is in order. When family is involved, litigation can be emotional for everyone. 

In divorce cases, litigation means that the involved parties have to go through the familial court system in order to sort out their grievances and differences. There are assets to be assessed and divided, child support and alimony to potentially be calculated; even just the math involved in a divorce can be overwhelming.

Going through a divorce is already hard; there’s no reason not to ease the process as much as possible. By inviting an experienced and compassionate team of accountants to aid the process, you smooth this rough road as much as you possibly can. 

At Miod, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate both the emotional and logical to come to conclusions that make sense for everyone, both the adults and the kids. Our forensic accounting experts approach every case with compassion, care, and knowledge.

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