Why Us

At Miod and Company, LLP, we aim to be so much more than an accounting or legal firm. While we are passionate about the tangible numbers and figures and ensuring their accuracy, we also prioritize one thing that some other firms may overlook: the truth.

Integrity is at the heart of our code of conduct. We don’t just obey the law, we always present the findings of a case effectively and accurately, leaving no details unspoken for. We don’t accept inconsistencies for what they are; we sift through them, either for truths or falsehoods. If honesty is not what you’re looking for, we are simply not the firm for you.

When it matters most, you don’t want to leave your case to chance. With the insight of our accountants, you’ll have our specialized assistance during every step in the process.

Why is Miod & Company the best choice?

We Revel in Solving Problems

“What we build is beautifully designed and easy to understand. We just happen to be accountants and advisors.”

At Miod & Co, we believe in challenging the status quo. No two cases are the same; as such, neither should any two approaches to any case. Our efforts go beyond the blanket standards set forth by our industry. We believe in doing things differently – in challenging our approach even – to deliver the best service to our clients. Above all else, we believe in doing things better. If something doesn’t work, we dissect our process to understand what’s going wrong. We are steadfast problem solvers who also just happen to be accountants and advisors.

We Adapt When Technology Evolves
We never stop evolving or keeping pace with this boundless digital world. We are always investing in new technology so that we can communicate with our clients clearly, promptly, and efficiently. If that means adopting an entirely new communications platform when one becomes available, we will do it. We refuse to stagnate. Our agile approach to technological changes makes us stand out as the leading professionals in our area.

We Value Our the Professional Growth and Knowledge of Our Team
We are only as strong as the people who work for us. That’s why we consistently empower our team by providing extensive education and training, according to the current demands of the market. By equipping all of our employees with the tools they need to succeed, we can help you succeed, too!

What can I expect?

Our team has the courage to go the extra mile to accomplish great things. We specialize as leading professionals in our field and are here to achieve solutions that work for you. We go above and beyond for all of our clients and don’t stop until the job is done – which is why we deliver quality work and effective results every time. That means extensive research into every case, one-on-one meetings with you, practical solutions that matter to YOU or your business.

What are my next steps?

To learn more about our service offerings and industry expertise or to have a forensic accountant contact you directly, please fill out the form below or submit questions via email.