An Accounting Firm That Is Built On Integrity

We go above and beyond to seek the absolute truth and present our opinion based on facts.

An Accounting Firm That Is Built On Integrity

We go above and beyond to seek the absolute truth and present our opinion based on facts.

Our Services

Forensic Accounting
Tax Services
External Controllership
Business Management

Why Choose Us


We give our clients the best answers based on facts. With decades of experience, Miod and Company is the team that you can rely on to present the gold standard in accounting and advisory services.


Personal approach is key in our consultation service. Every client is different, and we’ll work with you to present accurate solutions that work for your specific cases.


We provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability, and innovation. These are the qualities that propel us to give our clients efficient and unfailing results.


There’s no one procedure that works for everyone. We shine a spotlight across your organization to understand its people and technology, so you get the best service tailored specifically to your needs.


Teamwork, experience, and innovation – all of which are reflected in the quality of our results. We constantly learn and improve to be the accounting firm that sets the standard for the next 100 years.


We challenge the status quo. With a diverse and forward-thinking team that’s open to new ideas and is constantly improving, we’re the firm you can count on to adapt and overcome any obstacle.

Our Core Values


Courage is the overarching value at the heart of who we are.
Courage is the power to act in the face of adversity. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the strength to face and conquer it. We have the courage to stand for what’s right, raise the standard, do what we say we’re going to do, treat others with dignity and respect, and face struggles together.


We believe in standing for the truth and doing what’s right, even when no one’s watching. We cultivate true hearts because they produce honest actions.


We believe in raising the standard by serving with excellence, challenging the status quo, and thinking differently. Our clients deserve the best, and we intend to serve them at the highest level possible.


Actions often speak louder than words. We believe in doing what we say we’re going to do and holding others to their word. We are stewards of our responsibilities.


Kindness, humility, and empathy are qualities that our firm always strives to represent. We listen with open ears and push ourselves to treat everyone with thoughtfulness and sincerity.


A business is unable to thrive through one person alone. Communication and collaboration provide our service with the efficiency and inventiveness to succeed in a competitive industry.


Compassion is the underlying value at the heart of who we are.
We believe in kindness. We are kind and humble. We are quick to listen and slow to anger. We have the strength to not have to be first, best, or always right. We know that each person is unique, and we seek to positively support each other. We believe that compassion says more about the giver than the receiver.

Let Us Take Care Of The Accounting

We go above and beyond to deliver excellence to our clients. Drop a message below and we will connect you with an expert that can help.

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