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You know better than anyone that there’s so much more to the legal profession than standing in a courtroom and debating for what is right. You may find yourself shuffling around a lot of paperwork, mulling over technicalities, and attending to multiple clients at once. 

Beyond all of that, you also have to take care of your finances. Both the annual and the day-to-day accounting and billing can end up consuming a huge amount of energy from you and your team.

Needless to say, accurate, efficient accounting practices are necessary for maintaining a successful legal office. However, attempting to complete all of these financial tasks in-house takes time away from your team’s ability to do the work that you’re there to do—law. Outsourcing your accounting allows you to focus your energies on your clients’ interests. 


Our Services

At Miod and Company, we understand that running a law firm is no easy feat. That is why we want to help you manage your financial affairs behind the scenes while you take on meaningful cases, tackle injustices large and small, and serve your clients. What’s more, we have extensive experience in such areas as family, civil, and business law; as such, we know what it takes to get the job done. 

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Cash Flow Management. You want to help as many clients as you can, while also giving all clients the care they deserve. To do that, you need ample resources at your disposal, which requires a healthy flow of income. At Miod, we can work with you to create a sound budget that puts every dollar to work.
  • Tax Consultation. At the end of the day, your law firm demands the same responsibilities as any standard business, and this is especially true when it comes to taxes. You have to account for payroll, supplies, and equipment, and so much more. Don’t spend hours fretting over intimidating tax forms and perplexing laws. Let us help you navigate every tax season with aplomb.

Why Trust Miod For All Legal Accounting Needs?

When you enlist our legal accounting services, you’re choosing a firm that values little details and big truths. We not only work hard for all of our clients; we fight hard for them as well. 

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Tax Delinquent Property Auctions


What happened? The property owner failed to pay the required property taxes. In every state, the legislature mandates that property owners must pay their fair share of budgeted property taxes.

The legislature empowers the county board of supervisors or county commissioners to assess, levy, and collect taxes.

When property taxes go unpaid, the treasurer is authorized to seize the real estate. The county then announces a tax defaulted property auction, which is advertised online on the county website and in the local newspaper. These tax delinquent property auctions are open to the public.

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