At Miod and Company, LLP our dedicated staff works with you to deliver premier services across multiple departments. Through unparalleled leadership, dedication to exceptional work, and a devoted expert staff, we guarantee exemplary quality for our clientele.

Our services range from litigation support, forensic accounting, tax planning and preparation, business management and advisory services, tax credit qualification, and financial planning.

Litigation support

Through the leadership and expertise of Jeremy Salvador, Donald Miod, and Paul White, our litigation staff delivers expert litigation support and testimony to help you through the tiring and often confusing processes associated with forensic accounting. We want to make sure that you end up in the best position possible, and we’ll help you navigate the rocky terrain you may encounter before you get there.

Forensic accounting

What we do here at Miod and Company, LLP extends beyond familial disputes. We can assist in business valuation, financial recovery after an accident, and uncovering fraud. We are committed to the truth and strategizing to represent you fairly, clearly, and efficiently

Tax & Accounting

Our team of tax accountants can take care of the tedious time and effort it takes to prepare and file tax forms. As tax laws get increasingly more complicated as years go by, don’t stress about researching how to get the most out of your tax return. It doesn’t matter if you are a hard-working individual, a thriving small business, or a discerning fiduciary. At Miod and Company, we are ready to approach all of our clients with their personal needs and tax situations in mind.

Business Management

Our business management team is built to recover lost funds, advise, and boost your credit to set you and your business up to succeed financially. Our services range from tax overage reclamation and credit repair to property flipping and investing and external controllership.

Tax Credit Qualification

Miod and Company offers expert qualification services for tax credits that many businesses can collect on from the IRS, specifically tax credits as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Whether it’s the Employee Retention Credit, Tax Credits for Paid Leave refund, or others, our team of financial experts will work with you to qualify for these reimbursements that your business could be entitled for.

Financial Planning

Our team of accountants are well equipped to We can supervise the preparation of your financial statements. More importantly, we can help you use these statements, as well as other reports, to better manage your business and increase your profitability.

Tax Delinquent Property Auctions


What happened? The property owner failed to pay the required property taxes. In every state, the legislature mandates that property owners must pay their fair share of budgeted property taxes.

The legislature empowers the county board of supervisors or county commissioners to assess, levy, and collect taxes.

When property taxes go unpaid, the treasurer is authorized to seize the real estate. The county then announces a tax defaulted property auction, which is advertised online on the county website and in the local newspaper. These tax delinquent property auctions are open to the public.

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