Heidi Critchfield

Document Control Specialist

Heidi Critchfield is one of the few employees at Miod and Company who have seen the before and after of our firm’s exponential growth over the past few years. She was there when there were fewer than 10 employees, and she’s remained through the growth to over 60 today. As a veteran of Miod and Company, Heidi works as the team leader of the document control team.

Heidi joined the firm being no stranger to forensic accounting. Her experience before her time at Miod and Company stretched from White Zuckerman to Lorch Greene. It was after deciding that she needed a better work/life balance that Heidi began searching for a company that was closer to home. When her long-time colleague, friend, and forensic accountant for Miod and Company, Bernice Wu, discovered this, she extended an invitation for Heidi to attend a company-hosted bowling event. After meeting Jeremy and the rest of the Miod team, Heidi recognized a firm she could call home. One interview later, Heidi was hired as a document control specialist.

The typical daily tasks that come with Heidi’s role include cataloging and sorting client documents and preparing them for the litigation and ERC teams to have ready for reports. Other routines involve responding to deposition subpoenas and comment request lists from the opposing attorney. “Everything is professional between both parties,” Heidi commented, “we make sure the attorneys are interacting with each other and have the documents they need to proceed.” The patience, personability, and humor of Heidi make for a strong aspect of the Miod company culture and have made her a leader that her team can rely on. Her caring nature to fellow team members has coined her the nickname “Office Mom”.

“I gained a lot of perspective from working here. Not just with my role, but in seeing how various forensic accounting firms operate differently,” Heidi mentioned. The core values, Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Teamwork, related well with the values she personally strives to uphold, and Heidi became one of the main figureheads in developing HEART as the system of ethics for our firm. This was a key factor in drawing Heidi to build a lasting relationship with Miod and Company. Another was the leadership and inspiration from Jeremy Salvador to help Heidi reach her potential. “I gained a lot of confidence from working here,” she said, “Jeremy is uplifting and encouraging. It’s nice having someone who believes in me and what I can do.” The culture and leadership gave Heidi the confidence to use her creativity and become a leader herself. Heidi took the skills she gained and developed to take on the responsibility of creating the entire SharePoint system for the firm.

In her free time, Heidi enjoys cooking (when she has time) and spending time with her husband, Scott, and two kids, Hayley and Josh. As a family, they usually watch movies and attend Josh’s baseball games to cheer him on as he pitches. “One thing I’m most proud of is that my husband and I raised two truly amazing people,” she said. Family is everything to Heidi, whether it be biological or otherwise. Her goals are simple: care for those important to her, especially her children and her mom. Heidi extends this care to the Miod family as well. Her motherly instincts to all those working for Miod and Company bring an atmosphere of dependence and connection to all who step through our doors. Heidi Critchfield makes Miod and Company more than just another forensic accounting firm; she makes it a family.

Tax Delinquent Property Auctions


What happened? The property owner failed to pay the required property taxes. In every state, the legislature mandates that property owners must pay their fair share of budgeted property taxes.

The legislature empowers the county board of supervisors or county commissioners to assess, levy, and collect taxes.

When property taxes go unpaid, the treasurer is authorized to seize the real estate. The county then announces a tax defaulted property auction, which is advertised online on the county website and in the local newspaper. These tax delinquent property auctions are open to the public.

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