Kerin Sudtell

Document Control Specialist

When Kerin Sudtell joined Miod and Company as a document control specialist, she brought with her a wealth of corporate and entrepreneurial experience from her many years working for various companies and owning her own business. Through her time working as a customer retention specialist for a rental car company and a document control specialist for a medical supply company, Kerin gained substantial experience in handling documents, working with customers, and managing social media accounts and company calendars. 

When Kerin had kids, she had to make a difficult choice to continue working in a corporate setting or stay at home and raise them. Her strong love and devotion to her children led her to choose the latter. Being a stay-at-home mother didn’t stop her from continuing to work and support the family, however. Kerin used her intuition and experience to create and run her own home-based boutique business, where she designed and sold ladies’ fashion accessories, paint, crystals, and other home décor.

Once her children were older, Kerin felt that she could start focusing more of her time on working again in a corporate setting. During her job search, Kerin stumbled upon a job posting from Miod and Company for a document control specialist position. The job seemed like a perfect fit for her considering her background in handling documents and working with clients. Kerin applied for the position and joined the team in September 2021. 

As a document control specialist, Kerin’s routine tasks include delving through and categorizing all client documents to see if there are any accounts or records that are missing or if there are any errors in the forms already provided. These documents include bank and brokerage statements, trust documents, case introductions, retirement documentation, payroll, property records, credit card information, and insurance and tax forms. Kerin uses her strong attention to detail to confirm that all documents are categorized correctly, free of mistakes, and kept safe and secure. If there are any errors or missing forms discovered, Kerin uses her teamwork and people skills to reach and work with attorneys or clients to collect and update the paperwork. 

The ability to learn the company’s services and processes quickly, as well as the strong support from her team members, has given Kerin the tools to go above and beyond to succeed in her role. “In addition to being a part of a great team, I’ve learned so much about family law and how the process of accounting and litigation work,” Kerin stated, “I love being a part of the document control team and the entire staff here at Miod.” 

In her free time, Kerin loves spending time with her kids. “I’m really proud of being a mom and raising my kids to be good students and good people,” she said, “raising kids has its challenges, but it’s also been one of the most rewarding things in my life.” Going to the beach (Ventura beach is her favorite), bike riding, attending country music concerts, and weekend visits to San Diego are some of her favorite family hobbies with her son, now 21 years old, and her daughter, who’s 13. She loves adventure and challenges her fear of heights with water and sky activities such as wakeboarding, ziplining, and parasailing. 

Kerin adds an atmosphere of kindness and respect to the office. The entire Miod and Company staff is lucky to have her as part of the team and grows more tight-knit with her warm and welcoming presence.

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