Meghann Tauch

Document Control Specialist

When a new employee joins a company and immediately fits in with the entire staff, you know the company has hit on something special. That was the case when Meghann Tauch joined Miod and Company in April 2022 as a document control specialist. 

Before joining our firm, Meghann had just moved back to the Valencia area after living in Eureka, California for over a year. She had worked with a mortgage servicing company in the collateral department and was the primary record keeper and organizer. “It was a great stepping stone for a document control position, but I didn’t feel very fulfilled working with the company, so I decided to move back after about a year and a half,” Meghann stated. When she returned to Southern California, Meghann searched for a position similar to what she had experience in. She stumbled upon a job posting for a document control specialist from Miod and Company. After applying and meeting with Heidi Critchfield, whom she developed an immediate connection with, Meghann knew she could call this company home. 

Meghann’s primary responsibilities include sorting and organizing documents the firm receives from clients and attorneys into specific categories. The categories of documents range from bank information, credit cards, brokerage statements, and various other financial documents. She uses her strong attention to detail and determination to learn and produce excellent work to make sure that everything is accurate and is located where it needs to be. Meghann also helps set up document request lists that go to clients who need to provide more information. “I like when we get big projects with a bunch of documents to work on,” she stated, “it gives me the chance to be in the zone and focus on one project at a time.” 

In her free time, Meghann enjoys writing fiction, playing video games, and spending time with her dog, Badger. She has been working on a fantasy novel for a few years in preparation for the NaNoWriMo international writing contest. Her favorite video games are Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. A unique fact about Meghann is that she had lived in twenty different houses growing up. “My dad was in the Coast Guard, so we had to move around a lot based on where he was stationed.” This made Meghann very adaptive, allowing her to adjust to and handle many different situations based on her exposure to so many different people and places. This adaptive skill allowed Meghann to easily fit in with her position and immediately take on the responsibilities that came her way. 

Important traits that Meghann brings to the firm are her sense of humor and easy-going nature. “She’s so easy to build connections with,” Heidi mentioned about Meghann, “She was the missing piece that the document control team needed.” Meghann always comes into the office with a bright smile on her face. “When you work in family law, you see the raw emotions and difficult situations of people going through divorce. This really gives me an appreciation for the special relationships I have with my family, friends, and colleagues, and I like to show how much I appreciate these relationships,” said Meghann. Her time with Miod and Company has been special both for Meghann and the firm; we’re so grateful to have her be such a big contributor to our company culture. “This is the first job I’ve had that I didn’t dread coming into the office. Coming to work every day and spending time with all my coworkers is really cool.”  

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