Samuel Kim

Forensic Accountant

Sam Kim began his first full-time position as a young professional when he joined Miod and Company back in November, 2021. During the years leading up to his employment, he was a student at Biola University studying accounting. Sam graduated in 2022 and worked a few temporary jobs with Tokai Sushi and Magic Mountain. Casey Tannenbaum, a fellow Miod accountant and long-time friend, had originally worked with Sam at Tokai Sushi before he was offered his position with our firm. Sam, going through his own rigorous job search, was impressed with his friend’s new company and quickly applied for a position himself. After a few successful interviews and a high recommendation from Casey, Sam joined Miod and Company as a forensic accountant specialist.

Sam’s responsibilities include delving into client documents and transforming the data found within into our beautifully designed and easy-to-understand reports. He works with the document control team to maintain consistent communication with clients and provide them additional requested documents. His favorite tasks involve tracing transaction history to find what money was spent and how much. “It gives me the chance to problem solve,” he mentioned, “I like getting to the bottom of things and figure out if anything is out of the ordinary.” Sam routinely works on client’s income available for support. He looks for any sources of income revealed through various documents


While being a young accountant and professional, Sam is always eager to learn and improve. “There are a lot of ways to learn here,” he said, “the education and training have allowed me to grow my skills and understand more accounting terms and knowledge.” The ability to learn and grow has been very rewarding to Sam and other young accountants in our firm. In addition to his desire to learn and grow, Sam brings our firm an upbeat optimism that spreads throughout the office. His wealth of one-liners and humor always manages to put a smile on someone’s face, and Sam has become one of the primary drivers of our strong company morale.

In his free time, Sam enjoys playing volleyball, Magic the Gathering, spending time with friends, and reading. His favorite book is The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, his favorite movie is Surf’s Up, and his favorite song is “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis. We’re so happy to have Sam start his career with Miod and Company and are looking forward to many more years together.

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